Saturday, March 17, 2007

Redefining "Travel"

We believe that any time you're away from home with your children, you're traveling and need the basic "life support system." Whether it's food or drink, shelter from the elements, diapering or the potty, sleep or entertainment, these make up a mom's "life support system." - Traveling with Kids

The Sidekick is a truly unique and innovative diaper bag. Being both a stylish, functionally designed diaper bag with a built in child carrier, it is a product that definitely makes getting out and about with your child much easier! It converts quickly and easily to a child carrier while still allowing full access to the contents of the diaper bag. The child carrier portion is an ergonomic design which places the weight of the child over your hip, keeping the child securely in place and holding their weight right against your body to prevent the need to thrust your hip out to the side thereby eliminating back strain... $79.99

The Original Buggy Bagg

High Quality! Invented by a Grandmother for her Grandaughter, the original BuggyBagg is designed and made to address both childrens and parents needs. Each BuggyBagg is also made with love and a Grandmother's blessing! High Value! BuggyBagg combines the protection and safety of a shopping cart seat cover with the convenience of a diaper bag! Fits most high chairs too! If BuggyBagg prevents one trip to the doctor, it's paid for itself! $59.95
Car Valet

A backseat organizer that will hold all the things your child will need for the trip. They can play games, create art, or just keep gear within easy reach with this portable, adjustable mobile play center and organizer. Adjustable straps attach around headrest. Carry along handle. Plenty of storage pockets for coloring books, supplies, crafts and more. Adjustable front flap can be used as a desk or play surface. $24.99

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