Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another year, many things ahead... too much going on.

Most of our lives (yours & mine) are 24/7 rollercoasters, where finding time for ourselves and our loved ones is a daily mission.
During 2007 I'll try to make it a lil' easier for all of us, bringing nothing but practical finds... and then (as usual) some.
So far, my expectations have changed ---> I'm EXPECTING :) so get ready for tonz of mom-to-be related finds and many 'found-under-the-rock' products.
Fashionwise, I'll be alert... but I'll hang my 'hot & sexy' style for a while... lucky U! dont have to :)
Hope to see you around often and feel free to dig around the blog.
Best wishes, :)
Ps: Ooops, yeah... I've got married too! Now? Show must go on...

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bonnindesigns said...

Congratulations Rosie!!!!!