Wednesday, March 08, 2006

NEW vintage & artisan crafted e-store

Since I started my first online venture, I promised to myself to share with TB readers more than just special sales. In the long run, I became a huge follower of independent designers and their dedication to express themselves, no matter what it takes. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me constant inspiration :)
"We hope you'll take pleasure in knowing that all the Mahar Drygoods have been created in the homes and studios of incredibly creative artists, designers and crafters who are delighted to be sharing their talents with you and the little people in your life." - Mahar Drygoods

Lucky Plucky - Don’t mess with the rooster. That’s right, what Plucky lacks for in size he make up with attitude. Some call it confidence, and some call it a Napoleon complex. We call it PLUCKY POWER. $26.00
Baby Blue Octopus Bag - Ok, so it's a two play date're thinking, hmmm...depending on how many juice boxes I can down, I may need a change of clothing, and don't forget the Tupperware container of Cheerios to keep my blood sugar up, and we have to return my library books.... This, my little friend, is your lucky day. With a strap sized to compliment your petite stature, this Kissycake bag is the perfect choice to tote around your everyday essentials. $26.00

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