Friday, March 03, 2006

Gossipaway #13

The Prize: Newborn Gift Set - It includes: a Giraffe Sophie, a Baby Bottle 4oz. and a Lovey from Kanai-yu in cotton and velour ( 20"x 22"). Your choice of boy (blue) or girl (pink). $34.95
Welcome to the 13th Gossipaway!
The Rules: I (Mandy) will post a one of the following: A movie quote, a celebrity trivia question or a mystery celebrity sighting. Email your responses to The first correct answer is the winner & will receive an email notification, as well as celebrity red-carpet treatment with mention in the TB Gossip & Thrifty Boutique's fab blogs. Good luck hotties!
The winner: Rebecca M. (location pending). Congratulations!!!
The answer: Meg Ryan (to Oprah) on her affair with Russell Crowe

Love from Gossipaway winners:
--"I just wanted to let you know I received the t-shirt yesterday. It's so cute! Thank you for mailing it so quickly, I really appreciate it. Your quizzes are a great idea, and the fact that the prizes are so nice makes it doubly good. Thanks again, and have a great day!" - Kelly

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