Saturday, January 28, 2006

TB Podcast

Clueless about podcasting?
We are trying to come out with NEW ideas for you to enjoy Thrifty Boutique e-zines. Now, you can take us with you: Anywhere!
- To listen us through your computer:
1. Click on our Podcast logo.
2. Click on Open.
*Your computer audio software will (automatically) open and play the .mp3 file.
- TB on the go:
1. Get an iPod.
2. Download iTunes software.
3. Click on Podcast logo.
2. Click on Save.
4. Ready to go.
*If you need more 'details' feel free to contact us:
Stay tuned and make sure you visit the e-zine every week to grab a new TB update, enjoy it!
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1 comment:

JK & PK said...

Thumbs Up! Good Idea!