Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pink Heather - from retro to bohemian

PinkHeather, Heaven of Dress for Petites, has a romantic and carefree atmosphere where shoppers could find unique 60s retro Lolita and 70s Bohemian style vintage dresses. It also offers designer inspired hand-made pieces that are modern, classy, eccentric and sexy. The founder, Heather Yau, is a petite lady herself, who always dreams of having a specialty dress store where she could freely shop petite size dresses she adores. Because of her job as a Makeup Artist, she travels between major cities. During her trips, she would always find time to explore local flea markets and vintage stores for great dresses. Eventually, she collected more than hundreds of vintage dresses that fill up her entire house!
The idea of starting her dream store, selling petite sizes dresses, came into form. PinkHeather was finally founded online in late December, 2005. Enjoy it now!

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