Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm way too ready (under $30.00)

Cold weather was never a good friend of mine, but I have to admit... I love this year's trends I can't wait to get a lil' chill down here & show off some crocheted winter look :)
These scarves don't need much introduction, do they?

Feeling nostalgic? The Crocheted rose scarf with fringe will add a 'mellow flair' to your fav outfit. And then some...

Have fun! This multicolor crocheted scarf with pipe cleaner yarn and ribbon detailing is the 'color me' accent your best friend will try to borrow, for ever :)

Pretty in Pink. Wrap this yummy dip dyed soft scarf around you... feel gorgeous!
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Moca said...

I love these scarves!