Monday, November 21, 2005

Extra! Extra! Get the latest edition

Is it a magazine? Yes! is it a handbag? Yes! It is the ultimate excuse to keep your wallet, cel, keys & other indispensable items in style, under control.
It is called the Magazine Bag, created by designer Melissa Murphy.
"This bag are made from individually folded, 'laminated' and woven strips of colorful magazine pages of old magazines. It is lined with fabrics, available in the following colors: maroon, green waves, yellow and blue floral, and off white. The handles are made from finished leather. More styles will be available soon!" Sizes 12x4x8 - $49.00 (shipping included)
Where to find it? Individual Fashion is the place to visit, an online boutique is based in Jersey City, NJ, featuring independent designers from all over the world. "From the USA to Hong Kong, we are proud to say that we are a global affair."

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