Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Doing good, feeling pretty...

Doing good, feeling pretty is not just a cute phrase... it's my life's philosophy. I'm a believer of what goes around comes around (twice). But, takes more than my blurb to make a difference. Join the fight against cancer, shop for a good cause.
Flower Peddler will donate the profits from the sale of this candle to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization that seeks funding for mammography for women in need. Help us give the gift of early detection.
"This special candle is a tribute to our mother, a breast cancer survivor. She won her fight with breast cancer but over 40,000 women lose their battle each year - that's one mother, sister, daughter or friend every 12 minutes. Early detection is the key to the survival of breast cancer, however, many women cannot afford mammograms."

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