Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The perfect travel companion

AquaBells Dumbell Pair

At last, a portable gym that fits into your briefcase! This water inflatable, collapsible workout system is designed specifically for people on the go. Carrying your weights through airports is impractical, but with AquaBells® you can continue your workout program no matter where you go, without adding extra weight or baggage to your trip. When the AquaBells are inflated, they provide up to 32 pounds of weight training resistance! Simply fill the water chambers with water to achieve the desired resistance and attach them to the comfortable soft cushioned grips, and in minutes they're ready to use. With all four weights filled and attached to the handgrip bar, each dumbbell weighs 16 pounds. When your ready to go, just deflate your AquaBells and they are ready to travel again! AquaBells have many other advantages: they are quiet and will not disturb roommates or coworkers. In addition, AquaBells are soft, so there is no danger of damaging floors or furniture. AquaBells are constructed of high tech polymers, so you will enjoy years of service. When inflated with air only, AquaBells also function as a great water resistance exercise program when used in swimming pools. Price: $46.95

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