Sunday, June 29, 2008

To dig or not to dig - that's the right question

Mini Purse Mate by Joey Junior

For the right answer: Slip the Mini Purse Mate inside your handbag and then organize your items into the 4 pockets. Your cell phone can go in one pocket. Your sunglasses or reading glasses can be placed in another pocket. The third pocket can hold your credit cards, driver?s license or cash. Finally the fourth pocket is perfect for your lipstick and compact. And on top of all that - there is an over sized lobster claw clasp attached to a 6inch lead that is specially designed to hold your car keys! There you have it - everything you need organized neatly and easy to find! Another great feature is that with everything organized into the Mini Purse Mate, you can easily switch handbags. Price: $14.95

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