Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer preview at Illuminations

Floating Dahlia Candles - Create an instant floating garden with richly detailed dahlia candles, ablaze in gold, pink, and red. Our luminous glass bowl, hand-blown in Poland, reflects and magnifies the candlelight for a mesmerizing glow. From $2.95

Box of Four Floating Citrus Halves - So lifelike they look as if they're fresh from the orchard, these luscious citrus floating candles are remarkably detailed right down to the rind and seeds. Boxed in a craftpaper box and tied with a raffia ribbon, the set includes lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit halves, crafted of premium, 100% unscented paraffin wax for a slow, clean burn. $14.95

Brazilian Carnival Summer Vacation Candles - Inspired by the world's most cherished travel spots, these scented pillars and filled candles are your ticket to vacation bliss. Get lost in Brazilian Carnival, a lush elixir of lime, kiwi, kumquat and pineapple. From $11.95

Find them under 'Seasonal' at:
Illuminations - Save 10% On Your Entire Order (234x60)

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