Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Conversation starters

Planet Mom T-shirts sent me this tip & I couldn't wait to get to my laptop & start passing around their new Fall Collection. Same attitude, long sleeves.
Friends for ever, Eileen and Elise are behind this pretty clever idea: sweat shirts & leg warmers with a twist of 'smarty pants' phrases like 'Trophy wife', 'Nanny deprived' & 'Because I said So'.
"During yet another phone call discussing our mind-numbing laundry piles, the magic of soy and how we were officially "off the market" thanks to our recent minivan purchases, we got an idea. Most moms feel the way we do. Most moms like to laugh. And every mom likes good quality clothes. Thus, Planet Mom was born... right there on the phone, between breaking up sibling fights, checking homework and getting dinner on the table.
Planet Mom apparel is clothing with an inside joke, and you're in on it. Wink, wink."

Exclusive for Thrifty Boutique readers - add 'thrifty' at check out to get your 10% OFF (code expires 9/14/05) Don't you feel special? I do! :)

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